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​To express that Canal Street is moving- is an understatement. It is directed/co-written/produced by Rhyan LaMarr with co-writers Jon Knitter and Adam Key. The film, threw us into the life of Kholi Styles, played by Empire's Bryshere Gray, a young African American teen from Chicago who was thrown into a community unlike what he was used to. After adjustments, through trial and error- Kholi is the blame as the sudden death of a classmate puts all eyes on Chicago. The case attracts attention all over the U.S.  and garners a myriad of colorful opinions about racism and our social climate.

Despite the obviously intense storyline, this film managed to display an uderlyning message of grace, compassion and strength through adversity. This message was interwoven with a spiritual element that easily had the audience on the edge of their seat and pulled heartstrings. Throughout the film, there was a tasteful balance between social media's perceptions and impact on the situation, in comparison to the levels of turmoil the characters were going through in real time. The writers did an excellent job of showing and explaining all sides of the situation, which delivered a view of the whole. The creators also did a great job of not giving everything away all at once. I found myself on the edge of my seat a couple of times attempting to gather breadcrumbs- frustrated and anxious to solve the case. 

Sa'Nefer Holly, Amsara Holly and Ariana Holly of Holly Girlz

The film ends on a high and leaves the audience not only hopeful, but cleansed. It was a testament to no matter the situation there is always light at the end of the tunnel. In todays society, it is important because it causes one to reflect and review their patterns of judgment before doing so. It also reminds the audience to stand in faith, despite hardships.

 I encourage you. Yes you! The reader to grab a friend, head to the theaters and watch Canal Street. In the midst of todays social climate and Martin Luther King weekend, it is exactly what you need

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Amsara Holly

Written by Amsara Holly. Amsara Holly is the oldest of the Holly Girlz- including an actress, designer, entrepreneur, model, and dancer. She is an advocate for creativity and travel. She is a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business and a Masters's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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