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We’re all aware that First Lady Michelle Obama is in the height of her best selling novel Becoming. Her book tour of Becoming has extended into 2019- sweeping the nation and the world. She has been honest, open, real and showing a side of her that we can’t get enough of.

As expected, Mrs. Obama’s book tour is unforgettable. There is audience interaction, video montages, guest speakers and of course the queen herself. Mrs. Obama travels through time and speaks about her life growing up in Chicago, her time as First Lady of the United States, and now her life outside of the White House and acclaimed author.

We were blessed enough to get word that we were a part of Mrs. Obama’s video montage that displayed her many initiatives as First Lady, as well as now. Two years ago, we created a video in support of “Let Girls Learn”; an initiative Mrs. Obama created in support of education for girls all over the world. We were in awe to find that a clip of our video was used to support and tell the story of her journey.

Our cousin Mimi texted us while at the book tour, shock and in need of answers to make sure her eyes weren’t deceiving her. “Did yall ever do a PSA for Michelle Obama saying “Let Girlz Learn”? We responded in glee, “Hey! Yea we did!” We confirmed it was us! The excitement was uphill from there!

That same night, unaware of the news, our mother had just purchased the book. It was fate.

We are eternally grateful to Mrs. Obama and her team, for finding something we created from the heart in support of her vision and using it (to tell a story) in her book tour.

​All Love!

Holly Girlz Featured in Michelle Obama's Becoming Book Tour Montage!
Holly Girlz

Holly Girlz Featured in Michelle Obama's Becoming Book Tour Montage!

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Amsara Holly

Written by Amsara Holly. Amsara Holly is the oldest of the Holly Girlz- including an actress, designer, entrepreneur, model, and dancer. She is an advocate for creativity and travel. She is a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business and a Masters's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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