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LA Fashion Week, was an absolute dream! When we arrived at the Petersen Automotive Museum, we were razzle-dazzled by the display of timeless automobiles. LAFW made a tasteful choice in hosting it there, adding an elegant layer to the fashion show. When it was time for the shows to start, we were kindly escorted to our seats. Once we sat, we took a moment to take in the ambience. Lucky for us, we had killer views of the runway!

We were graciously invited by designers Irina Marchuk and IRISHLATINA.


Ukrainian designer Irina Marchuk bedazzled the runway in beaded, fringed and ostentatiously laced and layered dresses and pants sets. Some of its pieces were paired with knee and thigh high boots, that complimented the style and design pattern of the dresses adorned. 


IRISHLATINA brought stainable materials to the forefront, and turned it into art. Her colorful collection popped with style, edge and fun as she played with layers, corsets and matching sets. Draw string and laced quilted vests were a SHOW STOPPER as "No New Waste"  laid on the flyers given before the show began. The highlight of highlights? As the show continued, a professional dancer gave us all a run for our money, in

upper and lower body strength laced in the

collection. Truly a sight to see.    

We loved and admired the originality and creativity within the designs that were shown. The live performances greatly complimented the the show! The overall essence of the event was gracefully executed. The best part of it all? We got to experience it with our parents! 

Big Thank You to Irina Marchuk and IRISHLATINA for having us.

Thank you to the LAFW staff for being so helpful and kind.  

Until next time!

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