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ALBUM, Thank u, next -Ariana Grande

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Ok sooo I am beyond excited to be talking about an ALBUM todayyy.

But it’s not only an album ... It's the “Thank u, next” album that Ariana Grande put the entire thanksgiving meal on... In other words, the album was very tasteful, and I am READY to talk about it soooo letssgettittt!...

Ok I know I’m not the first, but let me be the 92039452916291719361'st person to say this album is a whole MOOD. And am I the only one or does Ariana, somehow come out with an album at the RIGHT time for everything, every time??... likeee the “Dangerous Woman” album in 2016... in that time of year, ya girl was feeling quite reckless and absolutely amazing. Oh and “Sweetener” album 2018, I definitely thought I was in my prime and in LOVE.. anddddd of course “Thank u, next” 2019... when I tell you, shawty was movinnn on and being a BADDIE?!!! The Mean Girls Burn Book references were the cherry on top of an already bomb sundae. Whoever can relate, raise your hand and say “I!!"

She has an album for every mood, I swear! Justttt in case you haven’t heard any of those albums that were said.. definitely go give it a listen. Anyway back to “Thank u, next”.

My favorite hit from that album would have to be , “ 7 rings”. Every time I hear that song I’m immediately in a 90’s music video, dancing with my day ones... well in my imagination of course. Ahaha, A part of me feels like “Dangerous Woman”, and “Sweetener” are “ Thank u, next “ all in one. What a beautiful mixture am I right? Anyway, I will still have this album on repeat, in 2020... soooo YOU should go do the same.

It’s On ALL platforms, such as (YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc). Thanks for reading My Holly Opinion.

"Tua! Holly Girl OUT!"

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