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I entered the Long Beach Convention Center around 1pm. I was meeting up with my friend Karina who had already been there for about 30 minutes. So, I was rushing. Overwhelming is an understatement for the Mecca that was Complex Con. The Exhibitions alone were hectic and left you with a constant pinch of adrenaline and "Hold up. Where am I?" I got lost, many times.

Each exhibit was absolutely creative and completely different from the other. On top of that, it seemed as if it would never stop. After circling the venue for the first time, there was something catching my eye that I completely missed the second time around. 

I did my best to browse around, network and not get too lost from my tribe somewhere in a long line to purchase some BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) attire.  I had the pleasure of visiting the Melody Ehsani shop. One of my personal favorite new brands. They displayed their unofficially released new items for purchase exclusively for the day. I was in heaven. I enjoyed myself so much that forgot to take pictures! ( That I am now regretting!) 

I next attended my personal favorite main event. The reason I was even excited to go to Comlpex Con in the first place. I needed to see Andre 3000. That I would accomplish by going to the Art Of Collab, ComplexCon (versations). The panel of the Art Of Collab consisted of Andre 3000, Jon Wexler, Jeff Staple, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Sarah Andelman speaking on their personal journey's when it comes to Collaborating with major brands in the fashion industry and coming out with their own brands. It was insightful as well as a special treat. Hiroshi shared designs that were created, but never came out through his collaborations. They all spoke of the pro's cons and lessons on the industry that their creative pursuits have ultimately thrived in. No pictures were allowed  during the show, but snaps were able to be taken after as they were leaving the premises.

I closed the day off, grabbing a pesto sandwich from a food truck at the First We Feast Food area before attending the concert at the ComplexCon Area featuring Young Thug, M.I.A. and everyones favorite Trap God, Gucci Mane. 

Young Thug came on first and performed his hits, leaving a sentimental note by telling everyone he loved them before exiting the stage. M.I.A rocked the stage second getting political as well as fun in her performance, with lots of yelling, free dance moves, whinnin', and twerking. An audience member even jumped on stage and gave life as the attention as all on her. The pictures for this experience are seriously blurry do to my excitement and my seat in the venue. I was so thankful to be sitting on the top in an actual seat (so my knee could rest), instead of being on the ground floor. M.I.A. finished her set off with classics "Paper Planes" and my personal favorite "Bad Girls".  Guwop, better known as Gucci Mane, came ready to shut the place down. He performed his classics and rocked the venue like none other, ending Complex Con with a bang. 

I ran into some people who left the show still at an all time high. Though pretty exhausted from such an eventful day, I have to say I felt the same. 

Thank you ComplexCon for such an Amazing experience!

OUTFIT: Holly Girl By Holly Girlz Black on Black Sweatshirt, Polo Assn. light blue faded wash jeans. Air Jordan 6 Retro GS "Bleached Turquoise"

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