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LAFW 2022: Fashion Is Here

Our first fashion week since the pandemic gave us the same exhilarating feelings from years ago. It was a sweet reminder of the hustle and bustle that comes with celebrating the world of fashion with its beloved community in Los Angeles.

DAY 1:

We thoroughly enjoyed the shows of Perry Jones, Puey Quinones, MM Milano, and Ron Tomson on our first night. The category was contemporary and the designers brought their, "A Game."


DAY 2:

We finished LAFW off on the last night celebrating a night of streetwear with Femgraphy, HUMANS, Bless By Bless, Jimmy Paul and Demobaza. We were graciously invited by Femgraphy's founder Carolina Armenta, who presented a fun, flirtatious and sexy collection.

We anticipate attending LAFW S/S 2023!

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