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Say So- Doja Cat

You may know this artist for her trending song “Moo” back in 2018.. but let me possibly be the first to inform you that, before AND after that hit single, she has been hitting us with banger such such as “ Go Down Town” , “ Juicy “ , “Tia Tamera” , and my recent personal favorite “Say So”... You might recognize the song, trending on The popular App Tik Tok, where everyone did the “SaySoChallenge”! This song is VERY catchy with an up beat Sound! Definitely party worthy!

Doja Cat has made her mark in the music industry, and I only see it going up from here. If you haven’t already while reading this, you should go stream ALL of her music on all platforms ( YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc). Thanks for reading My Holly Opinion.

"Tua! Holly Girl OUT!"

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