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Youth Peacefully Protest Against Racial Inequality In Crenshaw

We were blessed to attend and be a part of the peaceful youth protest held at the Crenshaw YMCA in collaboration with Children Striving Together,1Shine Youth Services, and Peaceful Youth Protest LA.


This event highlighted the voices of the youth. Children from all over Los Angeles came together to make sure their voices were heard, in Crenshaw. They shared in an artistic expression of their pain, visions of their future, the fight to keep going, and the celebration of their culture as black children living in the United States.

The event and march were led by Taylor Mosby (youth leader/actress) and friend Akemi (youth leader). Both girls passionately addressed the crowd, reminding them of the power they possess and the future they can mold. Celebrities, Common and Tiffany Haddish participated by marching with the crowd and lively cheering on the performers. We marched from the Crenshaw YMCA to the "Walk A Mile in My Shoes" Civil Rights Memorial, on the intersection of King Blvd and Obama Blvd. As we stopped at the memorial, Taylor Mosby and Tiffany Haddish spoke about the importance of the memorial, our trailblazers, and ancestors who have created a path for us and how now, we carry the torch. 


We were blessed to sing the Black National Anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing" in the beginning of the event. The line-up included the Divas Of Compton, the Drummers of Compton, actress Taylor Mosby, rapper CBleu, singer Kid Quizz and much more. 

It was overwhelming, yet reassuring to see the youth come together in this way. It was a reminder that they are seeing what is going on with the state of racial injustice, police brutality, and oppression within this country. It was a reminder that they fully understand what is going on, even at such young ages. It was a reminder that they are affected. That they are hurt. That they are a significant part of our progress as a people. 

If you are reading this please know that you, yes YOU. Your voice matters! Use it! We need it!

 June 20th, 2020



Amsara Holly

Written by Amsara Holly. Amsara Holly is the oldest of the Holly Girlz- including an actress, designer, entrepreneur, model, and dancer. She is an advocate for creativity and travel. She is a graduate of Full Sail University with a Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business and a Masters's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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