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Baby, It's Beyoncé's Renaissance

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The energy was electrifying. Everyone in the room felt it. Everyone in the room was it.

Beyonce's Renaissance is not a concert. It's not a moment in time. It's an experience. A way of living freely and so in love with life that every day is cozy. Beyonce has managed to culminate her 20+ years in the industry into one of the grandest concerts I've ever experienced. There's no doubt that she is a force. She's proved it over and over again, but this is something different.

She's entered a new era. She graced the stage effortlessly. She wasn't trying. She was being... Joyfully. Peacefully. Ecstatically. Lovingly.

She performed with top-notch, out-of-this-world vocals for over three hours straight. She approached every song with ease and detail in flexing her vocal range and ability. If you're a singer, you understand me when I say she had perfect placement. As performers ourselves, it was hard not to take in every moment as if attending a master class at the highest level. Her execution is to be studied, as a performer and vocalist. And studied, we did.

In this day and age of social media and documenting it was hard for me to record. I needed to be in it with her, and her extremely talented dancers, backup singers, and band. The dancers were full out, never missing a beat. They came, slayed, and left no crumbs. The band delivered and showed out! There was a moment when Beyonce allowed different members of her band to flex their talent, they all shined, but the drummer's solo was my favorite. One of the members was even pregnant! Truly one of the fiercest examples of, "Yes, I CAN be at any stage in life and still do what I love." The backup singers were a treat and left a significant impact on us. As vocalists, we naturally were eager to hear the arrangements of the backup singers, that make the show complete. They did not disappoint. They were given an opportunity to showcase their talent through a performance of the song "Love Hangover" by Diana Ross - a family and personal favorite (We love Diana Ross over here!). Their harmonies were sweet melodies of beauty and joy to our ears.

The experience was blessed with people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. The diversity and inclusivity were a testament to the reach Beyonce has as an artist and cultural icon. This experience brings so many under the same roof, gathered in the spirit of unity, love, and freedom. Baby, it's the Renaissance.

Special Thank you to Saina Tchaas Nu for gifting us such an amazing and life-changing experience. Happy Birthday Beyonce!

*We couldn't leave without some good bathroom selfies. Scroll to the right and enjoy!*

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