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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Holly Girlz (L to R) Amsara Holy, Taia Holly, Ariana Holly and Sanefer Holly sitting outside together with Island Twist hair and body care products.

In the realm of hair and body care, finding products that not only meet your needs but also nurture your hair and skin with natural ingredients can be a true gem. That's exactly why we love Island Twist, a brand that has captured our hearts with its commitment to harnessing the power of natural products. From flake-free hair gels to indulgent body butters and nourishing castor and hair oils, Island Twist stands as a testament to the beauty and effectiveness of natural care.

The Essence of Island Twist

At the heart of Island Twist's allure is its dedication to using natural ingredients that celebrate the beauty of nature. This commitment is evident in the brand's use of vibrant colors in its packaging, and product names like Lotus Flower, Passion Fruit, and Lemongrass, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and naturally beautiful. This brand is a breath of fresh air for those who are conscious about what they put on their bodies. It proves that you don't need chemicals in your products to look and feel your best.

Flake-Free Excellence

Achieving that perfect braid, loc, or twist requires a hair gel that not only holds but also leaves no trace of flakes. These are styles that require the right products for perfection. Island Twist's range of hair gels is designed precisely for this purpose. I know how frustrating it is to discover flakes after you've perfected your slick-back bun, laid edges, or perfect braid. Say goodbye to the frustration of flyaways or dry-looking hair after applying hair gel and say hello to long-lasting, well-defined styles, and smooth edges in-place for an extended period of time.

Hair Gel for the Win

I know we've mentioned it already but this hair gel is the real deal...

Perfectly smooth edges are the crowning glory of many hairstyles (especially for black girls), but not all edge control products are created equal. Island Twist's hair gel duals as an edge control and genuinely smoothes your hair. Mind you, this is without the sticky and stiff aftermath that often plagues other brands. Our hair textures vary as sisters, but the product performs the same results. You'll revel in the splendid feeling of smooth, flexible edges.

Hair Sprays and Castor Oils

No more mess or hassle; simply spray and go. Hair oils can be a game-changer, but Island Twist takes it up a notch with its convenient compact spray bottles. The creators know that convenience matters. The quick and hassle-free application ensures your hair stays soft, shiny, bouncy, and easily nourished without the annoyance of excessive oiliness. Coupling this product with curling creams or leave-in conditioners is magic! Leaving the hair feeling amazing.

Island Twist also offers the magic of Jamaican castor oil, a beauty secret passed down through generations. Their castor oil product not only leaves your hair feeling smooth and hydrated but also works wonders for your skin, promoting a radiant, glowing, and healthy appearance.

Body Butters that Work Wonders

Island Twist's whipped body butters are nothing short of magical. After a refreshing shower or bath, applying the body butter left our skin hydrated and irresistibly smooth and glowing. Skin that feels as good as it looks, is both a luxury and a necessity.

So to witness our skin glow with health and radiance made it a fan favorite. Plus as a bonus, we recognized signs of scars healing.

Holly Girlz (L to R) Amsara Holy, Taia Holly, Ariana Holly and Sanefer Holly sitting outside together with Island Twist hair and body care products.

The Stats

Hair Gel Island Twist's Hair Edge Wax receives rave reviews for its exceptional qualities:

  • Prolongs hairstyles, even in challenging conditions.

  • No unsightly buildup or white residue.

  • Harmonious compatibility with other hair products.

  • Withstands scorching heat and strong winds.

  • Leaves no sticky residue or itchiness.

Body Butter Island Twist Body Butter earns its place as a favorite:

  • A post-shower essential for hydrated, velvety skin.

  • A source of radiant skin with a heavenly fragrance.

  • Offers a delightful shine to hair strands.

  • Leaves you glowing and helps heal scars.

Hair Oils: The Elixir of Smoothness Island Twist's Hair Oils elevate your hair game:

  • Ensures smooth, hydrated locks.

  • Magical when combined with curling creams or leave-in conditioners.

  • Hair looks and feels amazing, thanks to this dynamic duo.

The Testimony's : Island Twist

"Lays my hair down accurately, it doesn’t flake and most importantly, it doesn’t leave it dry or itchy. I feel like it keeps everything tight without making it “hard or stiff”."

-Ra Hesi Men Ab

What I love most about this product is that there’s no heavy build-up, I like to change my hairstyles a lot, and when doing braids, this makes each hair tuck perfectly leaving my braids with a smooth shine, no frizz, but yet still hydrated… and when I top off the look with laying down my baby hairs, they last all day, without being stiff, this product is definitely my new go-to when trying out different styles. The oils keep my scalp moisturized and revitalized. And the body butter's leave my skin feeling smooth with an effervescent glow.

- Taia Maati Khum

In conclusion, Island Twist isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle that celebrates the natural beauty of hair and skin. Experience the benefits of natural care and let Island Twist's range of products pamper and revitalize you. Your hair and skin will thank you!

Special thank you to Al-Teron Williams!

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