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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Who's up next? Mikel Ameen is... He has IT. No one can describe IT, but they know what IT is... when they see it.

Mikel is a Rapper, Speaker, Coach and World Changer. Early 2017, Mikel came to LA to spread the word about the World Changer Mission. The official website ( describes World Changer as a lifestyle brand/ mindset and movement that promotes the wellbeing through inspirational entertainment and tourism experiences. 

He's become like family over the years and we couldn't wait for a reunion. One of the first things on his list was his MY BBC (My Black British Culture) EP listening party, held at the Dr. Martens Store in Studio City. At the time, he was also promoting and informing people about the World Changer Kenya Road Trip. What is that you ask? People from all over the world coming together to experience the beauty of Kenya, the Mikel Ameen- mother earth way. 

What I admired the most about Mikel as I spent time with him in LA, was how unapologetic he was- with everything he did. He will walk in a room and in less that 10 minutes have met almost everyone there. I'll admit it was intimidating. Then I began to ask myself, "why don't I do that? If he can, cant I?"

He's free, and if you watch his instagram stories and snapchats @mikelameen, he makes a point to be so. If around you, best believe he will bring it out of you. I found myself bursting into spontaneous dance by the command of "Go!" as his music played from someones phone in the distance, no matter the location- whether I was in a venue or at the beach. I had no other option. I had to Go. I wish there was video to add... search my IG @amsarasekhitamai it's somewhere, lol. 

We all want to be Mikel, we just don't know it yet.

While on stage in a room full of strangers at My First Fridays he got people off of their feet. The energy became magnetic as he performed. Afterward, they lined up to purchase World Changer apparel and talk to him. Not everyone can do that. He made it clear that his mission through his music was to shine light on being a black man and person of color in London. If you listen, you recognize that the experience of people of color in London is not far off (at all) from the experience of us in the US. They have their hardships and social struggles just as we do. We are very much a like. His devotion to shine light on the black woman of London and express his love for black women in general is refreshing. He doesn't hold back. In this climate. Thats what we need. 

Photo By Karina Gonzalez
Photo By Karina Gonzalez
Photo By Karina Gonzalez

I sometimes describe his sound as a tribal call influenced by Hip- Hop, but deeply rooted in everything organic, Jamaica and Mama Africa. The Caribbean - African influence calls your spirit and drives you to a natural state. A stripped existence only to find comfort in the pounding drums of 'Who Are Ya!" Im not from London, nor did my ancestors travel from Jamaica (not that I know of), but I understood and felt the undeniable connection as a young woman of color and thats all that mattered. 

In Order: Amsara Holly (left), Mikel Ameen (center), Taia Holly (right)

We cant wait to see what Mikel has in store for 2018! See for yourself. London's Finest, Is Mikel Ameen.

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