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Tim Johnson Jr: You're The Prize

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I had such a great time at Tim Johnson Jr’s (Singer, Actor, Writer) music video shoot! When Tim invited my sister, Sanefer and I to be part of his shoot, I was excited and thankful. It was my first time participating in a friends music video. I wondered how the set would look, and if I’d see any of my other friends there.

Once I finally arrived Tim welcomed me to the set and told me that they’ll start shooting soon. I was happy to see that my friends Tori Kay (Singer, Actress, Dancer), Ayana Wolfe (Director, Writer, Actress, Creator), and Aaliyah Moulden (Singer, Actress) were there as well.

Soon after, one by one, we were called onto the set and were given positions. Everyone was spewing positive energy and vibin’ to Tim’s music. In between scenes, I got to chill, eat snacks, and chat with friends. We talked about our interests in music, profession in the industry, and our life goals. It was beautiful to be in a room full of creative and like minded people.

When shooting the last scene, we were all told to dance and enjoy the music as if we’re at a party, and we all had that exact same feeling. People free styled and expressed how the song made them feel, by moving in their own way. No one was shy or worried about steeping out of their comfort zone. They were ready to shine the moment they agreed to be in the music video.

A large part of this fell greatly on Tim's music. His smooth melodic grooves make it easy to sway. You're The Prize is a song that makes you feel good. As a young woman, it puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance. Tim's sweet sounds and vibrant inflections separate him as an artist. His sound is reminiscent of the Jackson 5, young Michael Jackson in Off The Wall with a modern twist. One can tell that he is heavily influenced by the soulful greats of R&B and soul. If I didn't know any better, he could be on a personal mission to single-handedly bring back slow dancing with this hit. 

When the shoot ended, we all took group photos and called our rides home.

The overall experience of the shoot was absolutely fun and inspiring. I can’t wait to soon experience the same feelings at my own music video shoots.

I absolutely loved the outcome of the shoot! Can you spot us?  Thank you Tim and much success!

Check Out the Official Music Video Below!


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