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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Art Hearts Fashion is one of the biggest productions of Los Angeles Fashion Week. It features designers, models, stylist and makeup artist of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities from all over the world. This year, Art Hearts Fashion and President, Erik Rosete celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a bang! We were fortunate enough to witness the magic.

Holly Girlz, Ariana Shring, Amsara Sekhita Mai and SaNefer Holly on the red steps at Art Hearts Fashion. Check Below for MORE!

We were invited to Art Hearts Fashion through LaLa. She is the creator of Modern LaLa Land Creative Services and a connection that we made while attending Society Fashion Week. Through conversing, she asked if we’d be interested in hosting for the red carpet of Art Hearts Fashion, starting in two days. Naturally, we said yes. After extensive prepping and research (of Art Hearts and Designers), our day to attend Art Hearts Fashion arrived faster than expected. Rain, appeared to be an ongoing theme for LA Fashion Week, but that didn’t stop us. The show had to go on.

Day 1:

Upon arrival, we were instructed to meet videographers and photographers Brandon and Chris. When allowed in, we were automatically thrown into the hustle and bustle of the Fashion World. As people communicated on their walkie-talkies and scurried to get the first fashion show in order, we were given more information about our task. Here is where we found out that not only will we be handling the social media for Art Hearts Fashion, but we will also be working as red carpet correspondents for Fashion TV! To say that we were in awe is an understatement. We practiced the Fashion TV intro continuously, until we got it right. Then we separated. Since we didn’t have the login information for the Art Hearts social accounts yet, Ariana and Sa’Nefer went to broadcast the experience on their personal accounts, as I headed to do interviews on the red carpet. The fashion shows, and my job as a red carpet correspondent for Fashion TV began simultaneously. The highlights of my interviews were with Actor/Model Alex Ashafi, Shoe Gummi Creator, Shantel Jackson and Chef Asiah Saifullahzadeh Collins. But, my favorite interview was with model and entrepreneur Simah, from Real World Model Intensive: a company that coaches and grooms new and aspiring young models for the modeling industry. 

As the models and designers left the runway they came straight to the red carpet! Designers Jason Hoeung of 2Eros, Czarina and Jonathan Marc Stein interviewed one by one as their models towered over me. Each designer spoke about the inspirations behind their collections as well as their journey as designers in the fashion industry. Though 2Eros has been around for 14 years, this was Jason Hoeung’s very first fashion show! Johnathan Marc Stein was no stranger to the LA Fashion Week scene and wanted to bring an 80’s element to this new collection, (one of his models was crowd favorite, Victoria Henley from ANTM!). Lastly, Czarina was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and graciously promised me a dress after I gawked over the beauty of not only the models, but the kaftans they shined in! 👀 After the commotion of red carpet interviews, the videographers decided they had the footage they needed for the night. This meant I was able to watch the second half of fashion shows and participate in the social media activities. This is where we met Erik Rosete, the man behind it all. He is a Philanthropist, Designer and the President of Art Hearts Fashion. We watched him multitask- from checking on the readiness of the models to overlooking the tickets and making announcements before the fashion shows began. He worked hard behind the scenes and on the ground. After trial and error with the Wi-Fi signal, we ended up not broadcasting the fashion shows on the Art Hearts Instagram Live Feed like we had hoped. Instead, we promoted on our personal socials and the @hollygirlz Instagram.

Models Of Czarina

Johnathan Marc Stein and his collection with models on the red carpet.

Day 2:

Our Day 2 Experience at Art Hearts gave us an opportunity to create content for the SoHG Blog (what you’re reading now) and give the Art Hearts Instagram Live Feed another Go. This time, it was successful! We enjoyed ourselves as we posed on the red carpet, broadcasted the fashion shows live and linked with friends and familiar faces like Evan Jackson, creator of Young Bold and Regal as well as house videographer Jimmy Alioto. 

Photo Cred: Evan Jackson, Creator of Young, Bold and Regal
Photo Cred: Evan Jackson, Creator of Young, Bold and Regal

The fashion shows opened with designer Hale Bob. A collection where floral print, red’s, blues, sequins and lace were part of a reoccurring theme on multi-layered long and knee length dresses. The collection also offered floral print and sequined track sets, adding a high-end flare to your every day work out routine. The collection was accessorized with elongated sleeves, track jackets, ankle-length/ thigh high boots and sassy pumps.

After the show we went to what we liked to call the “Red Room”. A red-lit VIP area, adorned with white furniture and an unlimited supply of monster drinks, full bar (though it only pertained to one out of three of us) and DJ.

The second round of fashion shows showcased designers SIWY Denim, Dan Richters, Burning Guitars Clothing and Jaime Elyse Couture!

SIWY Denim got the party started with the disco music and 70’s inspired collection. The jeans were paired with sequins, leathers and fur. Let’s not forget the pumps!

Dan Richters was an edgy, sleek, sexy and futuristic collection. The colors never strayed from black and green, with an exception to one white dress. All dresses were form fitting. Some played peak-a-boo with layered cutouts and asymmetrical lines, as others teased off of the shoulders and plunged V-necks. The most interesting element was the configuration of a leather face attached to the dresses resting on the shoulders of models as they eased down the runway.

Burning Guitars clothing was an entertainment extravaganza! There was no dull moment as artist BIZKIT and BUTTA opened the show with model strutting along side them. The collection was a fun colorful assortment of prints, flowers, posters and wild vibes from capes, to pants sets, to covered faces. It all worked. The highlight of the collection for us was watching young models Briana and Jenasha Roy strut their stuff.

Jamie Elyse Couture was a beautiful collection of classic gowns and wedding dresses. The silhouettes played with the figures and layers of material draped elegantly on the ground to almost create the beginning of a train. It was the perfect collection to end the night with.

Our Day 2 was complete!

Day 3:

Our Day 3 Experience at Art Hearts Fashion was completely unexpected. We got a call from LaLa the day of, explaining that they loved us so much that they wanted us to return for the Grand Finale! That was an offer we couldn’t refuse! We quickly picked out outfits, prepped makeup and did our hair for the big night. A special shout out is in order for our mother who styled outfits at the last minute in such a timely manner❤️.

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To say the night was lively is an understatement. The space that held the fashion shows was filled to capacity. The DJ’s played the hottest hits from the downstairs lobby, ballroom area, and “Red Room”. I promptly logged into the Art Hearts IG and began the Live Feed as my sisters recorded and promoted on their personal social accounts. The fashion shows began with Sue Wong, who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for 50 years in the industry, after her ornate collection graced the runway. Her pieces were incredibly detailed with grandiose headdresses and opulent gowns. The fashion show alone lasted 40 minutes and was truly a sight to see. Kenneth Barlis, Madame Adaasa, and Ricky Lindsay followed Sue Wong’s collection. The Kenneth Barlis collection was all about elegance. The models shined in detailed suits and dazzling gowns. The showstopper was what we called a “princess moment” as the model walked slowly in a Cinderella inspired off the shoulder blue gown down the runway, crown in tact. Time stopped and for a moment, every woman in the room wanted to be swept off of their feet by Prince Charming. Madame Adassa was a collection of solid and intricately patterned lace gowns and two-piece sets, each standing on their own. Our favorite accessory worn were the crowns selectively placed on the models heads. Ricky Lindsay Couture blessed us with flowing dresses and two-piece sets and that provided a flirtatious effect, but still left room for mystery.  In between fashion shows we partied in the ballroom and lived our best lives. This is where Entrepreneur, Actor and Entertainment Manager Chardly Pierre Charles introduced us to Actor and Broadway star Taye Diggs. S/O to Chardly! Not only was Taye Diggs kind and gracious enough to take a picture, he was also funny.

The night closed out with designer Dunyah, and finished with Erik Rosete’s very own Mister Triple X. Dunyah, conceived in Washington DC back in 2013 (woot, woot!) offered an edgy and urban sex appeal to LA Fashion week that was not only necessary but refreshing. Known as a men’s wear brand, Dunyah added fierce female models to the line-up showing that in their collection "women have sauce too" The grande finale was Erik Rosete's very own, Mister Triple X. His military inspired World War X collection did not only fit into the already established edgy theme, but offered form fitting looks with oversized coats, suits and military jackets accessorized with custom military hats, gas masks and the most stylish pugs EVER.  The night became emotional as Erik’s family and peers awarded and thanked him for his contributions to the fashion world, in celebrating 10 Years of Art Hearts Fashion. After the show I was blessed enough to interview Erik for Fashion TV on the red steps of the venue as all of the Mister Triple X models fiercely posed behind us (the aesthetic of this view is mind-blowing). Though nervous, I pulled it together and had what I feel to be one of the best interviews of my career!

Our experience at Art Hearts Fashion was something we will never forget. We learned from the environment around us, were quick on our toes and pushed creatively, all while forming strong bonds along the way!

We want to thank LaLa, Erik Rosete and Art Hearts Fashion for having us! xoxo, until next time!

Wardrobe Styled By: Amenika Shepsu-t Videographer: Holly Girlz ​Written By: Amsara Holly

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