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Art Hearts Fashion F/W 19' was a festive night, full of main attractions and Hollywood flare. We entered the DTLA venue of The Majestic downtown, anticipating a great night. For us, the night was to the point and filled with excitement and action all within a comfortable span of time. We were blessed enough to bring our family along for the magic that is Art Hearts Fashion. Our parents attended the fashion show as well as our god brother- international professional basketball player and model Sanu Basu. The night was destined to be exceptional and didn't disappoint.


For us, the fashion shows started with Burning Guitars. We've always appreciated Burning Guitars for its risks and bold creativity. This collection left us in a daze with monochromatic patterns and designs, as if stepping into a hypnotic spell and time warp destined to open your third eye. It gave us urban futuristic vibes through metallic lipstick, paired with cornrows and loose oversized pants, tops, dresses and hooded jackets mainly in the color scheme of white and black. The checkered, Newspaper, Zebra and Cow prints playfully laced in contrast with cut-out ruffles, mesh and art-deco leather pieces.

All Photos acquired through Getty Images.


Special guest Daniel Dae Kim spoke and introduced the HellBoy trailer. Watch the trailer below!

Photos of Daniel Die Kim acquired through Getty Images


Mister Triple X was a sight to see. The Mexican, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) theme, mixed with the HellBoy introduction lit the collection on fire. The collection was an obvious celebration of Mexican culture all while enforcing the and taking stabs at the country's political stance toward immigrants and the building of "the wall". The women wore enlarged flowers and rose halo-like crowns, some wired (as if roots growing from a tree) atop of their heads, paired with make-up that imitated sewn shut lips. The men adorned similar designs, except tweaked with the embellishment of forks and knives that stuck in the air- driving home the continued HellBoy theme.  As always, Mister Triple X had a creative layer of elegance and grunge into its collection. The models adorned gold, blacks, sequins and metallic hooded dresses, suits, track suits and one-piece jumpers, all while some cheekily sported the signature Mister Triple X underwear and boxer briefs underneath. The hot gold, silver and blue metallics paired with lace, skulls and fans brought the collection tastefully together in a way that left the audience anticipating more.  For us, the blue metallic dress was a personal favorite.

The fashion shows ended, but the party had just began as drummers and Brazilian dancers lit up the main common room area. All of the guests circled around them in front of the DJ booth, as the dancers twirled in-between  footwork and the drummers chanted and moved in routine throughout the set. Long story short, we had to get a picture. 

Big Thank you to Eric Rosete and Art Hearts Fashion for having us and showing us such an amazing time!

Until next time!  xoxo

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