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Art Hearts Fashion: SS20

Attending Art Hearts Fashion is always a treat!

As we arrived, our bodies filled up with anticipation, “who will be here tonight? Will we see friends? Did we miss the first show?”, and “I wonder if there is Mochi here?” These are the questions we asked ourselves.

Before entering, we were kindly greeted by Erik Rosete,(Producer, founder of Art Hearts Fashion, RMG Talent, and Designer of Mister Triple X). After checking in at the from desk, we immediately made our way to be seated; we were eager to see what the designers were going to razzle and dazzle us with.

Photographs taken by Jimmy Alioto.

"I love Art Hearts Fashion. It breaks the rules and turns the fashion experience into an artistic expose." ​- Amsara Holly 


Lulu et Gigi is a designer curated toward children's high fashion. The romance and sophistication of what appeared to be Parisian inspired dresses and pants suits wowed. The detailed European prints, exaggerated necklines and prominent shoulders stood as signature characteristics. Another trend often used was the dress -short in the front, with a flowing train in the back. One of our favorite moments from thee show was watching young model Natasza walk the runway. She was nothing short fierce and we couldn't get enough of it! We can't wait to see what she does in the future.  



Wanda Beauchamp’s Collection truly gave a royal vibe. Her choice of patterns and fabrics were exquisite! The colors she used ranged from soft cream, bold red, to striking chartreuse, and bright blue. If you want to upstage Cinderella at a ball, you definitely want to check out this collection for a dress or suit that is sure to win the heart of a prince or princess. Not only was the Girls Couture Collection absolutely beautiful, the models were fierce! 



Nicola D’Errico greatly captured the phrase Glitz & Glam! His Collection exuded class, maturity, and creativity. The materials used in the designs extended from feathers, lace, chiffon, to sequins, embroidery, and beading. By the looks of his stunning gowns, he definitely knows how to perfectly drape fabric on a womans body! The models looked stylish, polished, and confident.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Angelica Salek (a friend) model in this collection.

She wore such a brilliant, bold yellow gown that featured lovely touches of

feathers on the shoulders and a tasteful belt across the waste. There is no

doubt that any woman would be thrilled to wear an Atelier Nicola D’Errico.

Big Thank You to Art Hearts Fashion, Jimmy Alioto and  Johnathan for all of your help and making our experience enjoyable. 

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