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Be Blessed into the New Year!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Usually, when the world speaks of blessings it is expressed as a phenomenon. A gift received from the heavens that man can't create. A gift that man can only be a vehicle through which it is expressed. In the new year, we set goals that we are passionate to achieve. As the year progresses, due to the pressure or distraction, most don't complete their goals. Sometimes, there is such a focus on the future and what we have to do to get there - that we forget the NOW. We miss the opportunity to tap into the present. The present moment right here, right now, is the blessing.

"We miss the opportunity to tap into the present."

When we say Be Blessed it is not to sound overly spiritual or wave a fantasy over your eyes that is unattainable. When we say Be Blessed it is to stand in the blessing of now. Recognize that you are a miracle. Be filled with gratitude and firm in the greatness that I am affirming is coming your way. Accept the healing that comes from growth and self-reflection. Society has pushed us to move so quickly and adjust to life's twists and turns at such a rapid rate. Rarely are we able to self-reflect and stop to smell the roses. That stops now. You can be your own blessing by staying committed to yourself and staying in the present. Remove the pressure of the future and take it a moment or a day at a time. Allow the miracles that come with being in alignment with your life and destiny to fall.


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