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Flexessories is the online home and outlet for empowerment styling, unique jewelry pieces and garments, set to take over the world.  The fashion hub is established in Washington DC, and founded by fashion producer, stylist and ultimate creative Habeeb Ataa. What makes  Flexessories so unique is its daring and cutting edge approach to ensuring that anyone from any  background can feel like royalty when wearing items from their collections. So much so, that you even have the opportunity to book a Style Shoot Experience and feel like the Goddess/ God that you are. What stood out the most, from Flexessories (especially on their IG, Click Below) is the way they embrace the human body in the photoshoots and celebrate real bodies with #RealBodiesMatter. The pictures aren't heavily photoshopped and natural beauty is the ultimate goal. The models in the shoots are a testament to feeling absolutely beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. Not only is the work inspiring, creative and stunning, but the pieces worn are an absolute MUST HAVE!

Explore Flexessories Below!

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