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I came across Lizzo by accident. Causally browsing through YouTube on a basic day turned out to be a blessing. Thank You God for basic days! 

The first video that I repeatedly watched a good 10 times after seeing it for the first time, was 'Scuse Me'. An ode to high self-esteem and personal worth that was more than appropriate for that moment and time of my life. It became an instant anthem. Though some of the language is strong and can be viewed as obscene (for the young ones), it is an overload of self-love and confidence that is Out Loud and unapologetic. I feel that it is not only a testament or statement to women and young women, who may be labeled as plus size or "thick" (though Lizzo represents fiercely, as she should do), but to all women. While watching I felt that Lizzo represented ALL Women and encouraged them to love themselves, let go of the baggage, move on and know that they are undeniably beautiful, all while having a right to flaunt whatever it is god gave them.

Not to mention Sis plays the FLUTE! Go to the very bottom and listen to the intro of 'Coconut Oil'

I have kindly provided my favorite videos/songs below...

​Bless Yo'self right quick and get into some Lizzo!

Download on iTunes, Spotify & More!

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