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We entered the venue of the Peterson Automotive Museum excited for the evening that awaited us. We swiftly checked in (thanks to the amazing staff) and headed straight to the fashion shows that were beginning soon after our arrival. We marveled at the wide selection of cars (old and new) that gave a brief history of the U.S. and its evolution. On the way to our seats we were more than delighted to run into a familiar face and friend, designer Toohey of Toohey's Ties

Holly Girlz with Designer Toohey of Toohey's Ties.


​Los Angeles Based King Design was a fresh look and take on casual wear with a flare and edge that was simple and sleek, yet impactful. This collection was sexy and unapologetic in its display. The models embraced their bodies and curves with confidence as they walked the runway. The designs continuously swapped from chic and timeless, to edgy, sporty and daring. The sexy cut out leather pieces and skirts complemented

the green ribbed-knit ensembles. The bathing suits played with the current trend of animal prints, metallic matching sets and solids. King Design was fun, daring and very enjoyable to watch. 


Moroccan designer, Fatima Idrissi Filali began the "Stories From Arabia" theme, and was our absolutely favorite collection of the night. The ornately and intricately embellished gowns were meant for royalty and left you dazzled. The collection transported you into a fantasy. The models regally walked the runway in rows of three and two, slow enough for you to take in all of the details from the caftans they adorned. They strategically entered color coded in yellows, tan, blue, greens and pinks. The finale was the wedding dress of wedding dresses. It absolutely took our breathe away and the pictures don't do it justice. The beaded detail, gold and silver appliqués in the train, paired with sequin and lace was more than we knew we needed in a wedding dress. We can't wait to see more from this amazing designer. 


​The final show of the night was designer Hessa Alhemel. The collection was classy, fun and playful in its style and delivery. Bold cut-out satins were matched with chiffon and tweed pieces that draped the floor making an elegant effect. The collection played with layers and bold colors of Tiffany blue and pearl pink. Some items reinvented the idea of what work-wear for the woman can and

should look like. Other items stood as pieces

of art -perfect for an evening out with the stars or walking the red carpet. This collection offered a sweet ending to our LAFW experience and fashion shows.

We would like to give a sincere Thank You to LAFW for a wonderful experience! The staff was kind and professional in their efforts to run a smooth show and get everyone seated properly in a timely fashion. 

Special Thank You to PR/Media Coordinator Jumi Aluko for all of her help. 

Until Next Time!

xoxo ​-Holly Girlz

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