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#LAFW SS20: The Night Of Nights

The distinguished #LAFW didn't disappoint as the best of the best in the greater Los Angeles area came together in the name of fashion. We entered on closing night, eager to see brands Smock Me, The No. J and Tako Mekvabidze.

All designers brought something unique and refreshing to the table within their collections.



Smock Me,  as displayed on their official IG is an "urban high fashion line with a 90's vibe." In all honesty, this collection was nothing short from the truth. Smock Me designer- began his show highlighting his inspirations referencing legendary artists like Picasso and Jean-Michael Basquiat. Through the collection you can obviously see his artistic inspirations painted on jean jackets, sweatshirts, pants, T's and overalls.  The 90's inspired bright colors grab the eye and easily flex as statement pieces. 



Where Nobility and Edge Coexist

This collection was sleek, sexy, edgy and right on time. The No. J, created by designer Jane Wu was the perfect mix of elegance and rebellion. Her contemporary take on one pieces, suits and suit dresses, "typically" designed for the work space or evening wear are reinvented with flowing bottoms, pops of color and metallics. We can't wait to see her future collections. We're huge fans!

After the show, I briefly spoke with designer Jane Wu about her collection!  


Amsara: Congratulations on your collection. What inspired you to create this collection? 

Jane Wu: Okay you know... well I started as an actress to be honest. I've been doing acting for years in China. Then later I came to Hollywood, I would see a couple of Hollywood movies. To be honest, a lot of my (inspiration) characters are like kind of assassins- contract killers, stuff like that.  

Amsara: Oh nice!

Jane Wu: So based off of that I just created some nice silhouettes, related to that kind of tone. I don't know if you can see the stuff it's pretty finite and edgy. 

Amsara: Yes! Yes, it's incorporated into the sleek style and the nice lines within your collection. That's wonderful. 

Jane Wu: Thank you. Because sometimes when I go out it's hard for me to buy something that I like, so originally I stared to design something for myself to wear. So that inspired me to start a line. 

Amsara: So automatically you said, "You know what? I want to design clothes, I want to do this" and you just kind of let go of acting. Is that something that you want to pursue in the future?

Jane Wu: Yes, absolutely... and I just started this line a year ago. I have a long way to go but I think this is a good start for me. 

Amsara: This is your first line!? Your first collection!? 

Jane Wu: (Laughs) Exactly.

Amsara: Oh my goodness! That is amazing! Where do you see it going in the future? 

Jane Wu: Ummm, I don't know to be honest. I just want to go with the flow, but I will try my best and the next year, if you see my stuff it's going to be even better than this. 

Amsara: Nice! Do you want to still go -design and style wise, in the same direction that you went this time? 

Jane Wu: Yes, for sure. Absolutely.

Amsara: So what can we expect? 

Jane Wu: In the future. I want you to see it in the department stores. 

Amsara: Ohh! nice, nice!

Jane Wu: That's my final goal. 

Amsara: Wonderful, thank you so much!

Jane Wu: Thank you, thank you. 

Holly Girlz, Amsara, Taia, Ariana and Sanefer Holly with The No. J designer, Jane Wu.



This collection was an array of pastel colors and golds. Tako Mekvabidze is a Georgian designer worn by many celebrities on print covers and red carpets. This collection featured deep blues, violets, lavenders, mint greens, bright yellows and glittered whites. See-through chiffons layered with oversized jackets and chic layers. Full colored suit jackets and dresses stood as staples. My personal favorite was the bold shiny blue coat paired with matching gloves and a yellow chiffon scarf. Not only did the model who wore the ensemble kill it, but it has driven me to the point where I personally need this outfit in my closet. It would be a lovely Kwanzaa gift for anyone inquiring about what I like (hint, hint). This collection was fun, classy and sustained a modern sophisticated flare.

PS. If you go to the very end. I got the best photo I could quickly take of my fav jacket and scarf combo.

We had an amazing time at LAFW. We want to extend a special Thank You to LAFW and Jumi! 

We also want to thank the kind staff of LAFW for assisting us and making our experience easily enjoyable. It is greatly appreciated! 

Until next Time! XOXO 

Holly Girlz: (Left to Right) Sanefer Holly, Ariana Holly, Amsara Holly, Taia Holly.

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