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The Matt Sarafa and Jonathan Marc Stein joint 'Rich Collection' and exclusive fashion show was everything you thought it would be and more. 

The exclusive fashion show, held in Los Angeles on the strip of Fairfax was the quintessential image of what young fierce Hollywood was. Top social media influencer's, models, actors and admirers gathered for an evening of glamour and sophistication. The shows began with collections from both designers individually. It tastefully displayed their style and uniqueness as creatives.

​Finally, the last show of the evening had arrived; the grand finale. A collaborative effort, The Rich Collection.

All Photos Retrieved Through Getty Images

Matt Sarafa and Jonathan Marc Stein's MJ$xJMS Rich Collection brought you into the world of "over the top" and "just enough." Matt Sarafa's statement furs, ostentatious jewlry pieces, belts and hair accessories added a flare to the classic and timeless element that Jonathan Marc Stein incorporates into his designs. The joint collection was edgy, sexy, daring and absolutely fun to watch. There was a sleek element in all of the pieces that hugged the body in the right places and unabashedly dripped in sex appeal. 

The audience felt it and followed its lead as gowns flowed with thigh-high splits, snakeskin prints mixed with leathers, coats doubled as dresses and silks draped effortlessly.

These designs are perfect for the red carpet, to be worn gracing the pages of a magazine editorial or slaying brunch with the girls. This is not for the shy or timid. This is for the bold and the fabulous. 

The fashion shows ended in a frenzy. Matt and Jonathan thanked everyone for coming out and encouraged the party to continue through the complimentary bar and tasty hors d'oeuvres. Guests socialized over treats, flicked it up on the red carpet, and poured love into the designers. Simultaneously,  the models changed into various furs and fiercely worked the venue. The night ended on a

high and everyone in attendance shared in the joy. 

We want to thank Matt Sarafa, Jonathan Marc Stein and Modern LaLa Land for inviting us out, creating such a beautiful show and fun experience!

xoxo, Holly Girlz

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