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The world grew silent in mourning as the news of Nipsey Hussles' (Born Ermias Asghedom) untimely assassination spread through the country. Most in disbelief, others enraged and cut with pain, and some at peace knowing he fulfilled his destiny in such a short span of time. 

This was not a normal man. This was a man who gave the blueprint through his music, spoke and taught of upliftment, put on for his city and gave back to the community that molded and raised him. He was enlightened, a truth seeker and community leader. He was a family man, a husband, brother and builder. Everyone felt it, they couldn't escape it, they couldn't ignore it. Either blatantly or subconsciously, Nipsey Hussle changed their life. So, it was no surprise to see the outpour of love and healing that followed after the news broke. In a two week span various gangs of LA came together for the first time since the LA riots and made peace. The intersection of Crenshaw and Slauson will be officially named after him in honor of his devotion, legacy and memory. His legacy and contributions are now and will forever be archived in US history, thanks to Democratic Rep. Karen Bass. Lastly, his music sales increased by 2,776%. Like I said, this was not a normal man. ​

“Without a game plan and without a strong sense of faith in what you’re doing, it’s gonna be real hard to accomplish anything.”
– ​​Nipsey Hussle

We were reminded as the Staples Center announced they will be holding his funeral and tickets sold out in 10 minutes. We were reminded as thousands of people (LA natives and individuals who flew in for the funeral), filled the streets of LA for his funeral procession. We are reminded almost a month after his passing, where candles are still being lit at The Marathon Clothing store and people are still filling the parking lot. We are reminded as posts continue to flood our timelines on social media from all who were touched by his work and legacy. 

Nipsey was more than just a rapper. He was an entrepreneur and a visionary.  

A fire was ignited in many, who didn't know there was a fire burning inside of them. The motto "The Marathon Continues" was no longer a mere saying, but a way of life. Many have been inspired to "carry the baton and continue the marathon," in continuing his legacy. Many have reaffirmed and expressed their devotion to self-checking themselves and doing more in their life, family and communities.  It is truly a testament to the power and effect Nipsey had on not only his community, but the world. 

We send our love and light to Nipsey's family, loved ones and all touched by his devotion to his craft, businesses and community. 

Thank you Nipsey for sharing your gift, leading by example and staying true to who you were.  Ashe, Tuau, Medase pa. 


Nipsey Hussle. The amazing confidence, love, music, un-waivering representation. The black magic...  The voice that touched our souls and the lyrics that made us feel like we have a world of our own. The Man that told us we must go on and never give up. Through the up's and downs, no matter what, he somehow turned it around for the better... It didn't matter what race you were or what color you wore on your back. He brought them together. He expressed his growth. He was a like mind, pure heart and spiritual space...

You’re highly missed on this round piece of confused, beautiful, dysfunctional, wonderful structure of art we call earth, but we all know you're at peace high up there... We wish you many blessings and send an unlimited amount of love to you... R.I.P.    Ermias Asghedom🙏🏽

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