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We were blessed enough to attend Society Fashion Week LA! Below watch the official Vlog of our experience as well as photos below! 

We trekked through the hustle and bustle of LA traffic, through the train (so you know it was bad) heading to Society Fashion Week. Though arriving later than expected at the Sheraton Grand in Downtown LA, we rushed down the elevator to the lower levels, breezing past flights of stairs paired with signs that read “Society Fashion Week” and arrows pointing in the right direction. The Society Fashion Week staff was kind, fun and relatable. We received our press passes promptly and went straight to work!

We arrived for the 4:30 kids and teens fashion shows. Highlighting designers and  fierce models of all ages for the youthful audience. Designer Elena Pudido had just finished walking on the catwalk as Young Socialites was up next. Just in time to get to work, we stood in the press area with other photographers and videographers searching for the perfect view. All four of us scattered with our phones out, to not only promote on social media, but also get the best footage and photos on our phones.

Young Socialites Clothier (YS) was a Collection for young girls and boys consisting of playful yet elegant dresses, skirt-sets, shorts-sets and suits for boys. The color theme rested on pale blues, dark sequined blue and what appeared to be a baby blue lace over silver throughout the collection. Our favorite addition to all pieces was the train attached to almost all girls dresses and sets. It added a girly touch that made the collection complete.

Up next was Alexandra Bujan. Alexandra Bujan is a 12 year old designer, who named her collection after herself (as all great designers do). One of our personal favorites of the evening, Alexandra dazzled her embroidered collection and suede-looking material with deep green’s, burgundy’s and blacks. The collection looked very Victorian-era inspired with a modern twist. The garments consisted of long pants-sets and form fitting dresses adorned with large gold appliqués, cut-outs and Cinderella inspired short and long skirts. The embroidery and appliqués emphasized the neckline, arms and bottom hem of some dresses as a finishing touch. One the highlights was watching America’s Next Top Model contestant, Victoria Henley and model sisters Briana and Jenasha Roy walk for the collection! They are all incredibly sweet people!Welcome to your blog post. Use this space to connect with your readers and potential customers in a way that’s current and interesting. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where you can share updates about business, trends, news, and more.

Model, Victoria Henley of America's Next Top Model
Model for Alexandra Bujan.
Model for Alexandra Bujan.

The last collection was Jaylani’s Boutique. Jaylani’s Boutique was a young girls collection consisting of jeans and t-shirts. The collection released their “I Am” shirts, which centered around positive messages for young girls. The finale included the designer walking with a young model that sported a shirt saying “I Am Unique”. The jeans had a girly, fun flare with patchwork and buttons! Here is where young model Omariya Monroe gave us a big dose of “girl power” by holding her arms up strong and proud as she graced the runway. To meet her and her mother after the show was a treat in itself!

Afterward we walked the red carpet we mixed and mingled with the young models and designers who blessed the runway. It was frenzy as the cameras flashed and models scurried. We introduced ourselves, posed for pictures and became a part of the commotion surrounding us. Society Fashion Week was an experience we'll never forget!

We can’t wait to attend next year!

Holy Girlz, Ariana Shring and Sa'Nefer Mi-Ling with young model Omariya Monroe who walks the runway for Jaylani's Boutique.
Holly Girlz, Ariana Shring and Sa'Nefer Mi-Ling with models and sisters Briana Roy and Jenasha Roy who walked for Alexandra Bujan.

The models of Alexandra Bujan.

Wardrobe Styled By: Amenika Shepsu-t  Camera work: Holly Girlz Thank you to The Society Fashion Week staff for your kindness!

​Big Thank You to Society Fashion Week and Brie Merritt for the opportunity!

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