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Sooo…. almost no one knew. But about two months ago I sprained my knee. It’s been a process. Movement was hard at first and when I did, I had to use crutches. Thank god for physical therapy (Shout Out to my physical therapist!). I didn’t want anyone to know (with an exception to my day 1’s). I was embarrassed, not to mention exhausted and wanted everything to be over already.

Then fashion week came along.

I knew I couldn’t walk without my now approved movement with just one crutch and knee brace/sleeve. I couldn't shake the embarrassment and was going to bail at the last minute. I thought “How can I slay with a crutch?” And if I did go, “I'm just not going to take any pictures.”… Then I remembered who I was.

That I came here for a reason and nothing was going to stop me, not even the feeling of embarrassment. I needed to network and expand- especially with our line of apparel Holly Girl By Holly Girlz launching on November 1st. After I had worked so hard, I couldn't look back now. So I went and I took pictures with my crutch. In some pictures, it’s hidden behind me or thrown to the side for the picture (*shrugs*). I learned to not let insecurities of how others may look, laugh at or judge me determine whether or whether not I should do something. I learned that if you’re confident, nothing can ever stop. A crutch doesn’t stop people from wanting to get to know you or a guy from flirting with you… I was given mad LOVE!

I learned that if you're fierce, you’re fierce! Don’t let a minor setback be, a major setback because of insecurities. That setback could be your blessing. Shine On!!!✨

I am so grateful for my family for being by my side every step of the way, as they always are. 

I also want to give a special Thank You to the staff of Style Fashion Week for being so kind and accommodating.  ​WITNESS THE SLAYAGE...

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