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As we entered the outdoor venue, the environment was nothing short of exciting.  The lights gleamed in the distance off of the centerpiece that was the runway. In a closer POV was the red carpet. Bright lights, photographers, and Models (fresh off of the runway) crowded the scene. Naturally, we felt it necessary to take a couple of pictures on the red carpet before attending our 9pm show. We slid through, posing quick enough to for the best shot as photographers from every direction commanded attention. This is where we met Morgan Meek a young girl who not only just finished walking the runway for KKSwimwear, but is also the USA National Jr. Princess.

Next we attended the 9pm Fashion show, which showcased the collections: Moods of Norway, Something By Sonjia and Mario De La Torre.


Moods Of Norway gave us “all of the feels” of a perfect introduction to a Halloween movie (in the month of October, this is absolutely fitting). The ambiance was haunting, sleek and sophisticated. The collection was dressed in pops of bright red and yellow. The men’s attire was filled with well-tailored suits, yellow tinted shades, and perfectly matched dress shoes. The women’s attire was full of flirty lines and flowing material, replicating a pajama silk “look” that could be dressed up or down in one pieces and floral dresses matched with bright yellow and red pumps.


Something By Sonjia was one of our personal favorites. The sultry sounds of Solange in the background- matched with models in multiple shade variations of black girl magic was a sight to see. The lines were straight, artistically curved and warm- complimenting the body. The plaid print was accompanied with solid blacks, dark blues, dark browns, creams, forest greens and beige. Long skirts and dresses were decorated in layers and thigh-high slits, chunky scarves, and jackets. Some models wore brown lace-up sandals as others were paired with baby blue jean, open toe ankle boots, all with black socks. Our favorite touches were the solid black beanies worn by all models; it was the perfect hint of edge that brought all the looks together. 


Mario De La Torre finished the night off elegantly in all white. The lines were simplistic and flowing. What stood out the most were the models. Models of all shapes, sizes, and ages walked the runway- some were even pregnant. Form Fitting dresses and tops were worn with skintight pants and flowing skirts. Swimwear was a trend as some adorned cut out one pieces, others wore two pieces under sexy form-fitting, see-through mesh dresses.  


The entertainment for the night varied from Country, to R&B, to Pop, to Hip-Hop. Artists like Vyse 179 (who we had the pleasure of meeting and is hella cool) came from as far as Bronx, New York.

Amsara & Ariana with Artist Vyse

They graced and performed on the runway as their stage, all with their own flavor and uniqueness as individual artists. The diversity in genre and content was strategically picked to bring people of all backgrounds together.

All in all, our night one of Style Fashion Week LA was a huge hit!

-Thank you to all of the people working the show and handling the seating on the floor. It was not an easy task and you are Greatly Appreciated.🙏🏽​

Wardrobe Styled By:  Holly Girlz Photography: Courtesy of Amenika Shepsu-t Photography: Courtesy of Obi 1

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